Since 2010, Sweet Fish Sushi Bar and Restaurant has been serving up innovative Japanese sushi for lunch and dinner in Playa Vista, California. With hundreds of choices for sushi restaurants, Los Angeles is second only to Tokyo for ingenuity and diversity in Japanese cuisine, and Sweet Fish continually breaks with the convention of traditional sushi restaurants. Both proprietor and chef diligently innovate to ensure the menu is always able to offer patrons a new take on old favorites.Tucked into the serene Pacific Promenade in the new Playa Vista development, Sweet Fish shares nothing with sushi bars along Lincoln Boulevard or crammed in the corner of a Marina Del Rey strip mall. With a primary focus on service and comfort, Sweet Fish is a welcome change from the average sushi restaurant and showcases a sophisticated mastery of Japanese fare from both the kitchen and the sushi bar.Centrally located a short drive from Playa Del Rey and Marina Del Rey, sushi and Japanese cuisine served in a comfortable and stylish setting are always close at hand.